Past Projects

Our amazing projects


We have been involved in some amazing projects over the years.

Numerous sheep are wandering through an irrigated meadow with Otago rolling hills in the background and a hazy blue sky.
Kyeburn Catchment Ltd

Whole catchment water group management solution
Hamish Mackenzie -
Phil Smith -

Lindis Catchment Group image of an old wood and tin shed, on a backdrop of rolling hills and a blue sky with billowing white clouds
Lindis Catchment Group

Catchment consent application and minimum flow plan change
Alastair and Sue Rutherford -
Tim Davis -

Manuherikia Subcommittee image of a small cluster of sheep in an sun washed, irrigated field
Manuherikia Subcommittee of OWRUG

Align whole community with their water future
Gary Kelliher -

Greg Nelson, Otago Farmer. A collection of different size, mostly brown cows in a golden sun drenched hay field.
Greg Nelson, Otago farmer.

Providing environmental and regulatory expertise across all of their farming interests


McKeague Consultancy Limited